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While traditional WAN topographies are still widely in use, they cause several issues to organizations focused on securing branch offices.

  • Multi-point solution increases O&M complexity & cost  
  • Lack of end-to-end security visibility
  • Difficulty defending against advanced persistent threat targeting branch offices

Branch offices are often the weakest link in your strategic cyber defense plan, yet vital to organizational level network security protection. An unexpected cyber-attack could launch your business, head-first, into the worst-case scenario, making the creation of an incident response plan a critical part of your business continuity plan.

Join Sangfor experts for today’s webinar covering:

  • Managing branch offices effectively & securely
  • Offload SecOps to a trusted managed service provider
  • Incident Response best practices

Speaker: Allen Lim

Allen is a Senior Product Manager with Sangfor NGAF. Over the past 10 years, he has held various positions including Senior Solution Sales & Regional Consulting Systems Engineer, with renowned companies like IBM & Fortinet, constantly developing his technical expertise and achieving double CCIE certificates.