Uncovering Telltale Signs of Ransomware with Continuous Threat Detection

Ransomware is one of, if not the biggest blight in this digital age. Many organizations are concerned about the negative impact a single ransomware attack will have on them and are doing all they can to prepare and to protect themselves for the eventual attack. However, while there are many variants of ransomware being developed every day, there are always telltale signs that can give you early warning of a ransomware threat coming your way.

Join us and learn how you can identify these early warning signs with Sangfor’s Network Detection and Response platform, Cyber Command.

Speaker: William Phuah

William is the Director of Product Marketing for Security in Sangfor Technologies. He has been in the Security industry for the last 17 years, holding various roles focusing on security solutioning and presales in global organizations like Dimension Data and Unisys. He draws on his experience in defensive security technologies to help clients choose the right strategies and solutions to secure themselves from both internal and external threats. 

William Phuah