avoid malware

In the governance of network security, we can isolate and deal with cyber threats with obvious symptoms, but it is hard for us to find the root cause of asymptomatic threats, so extermination cannot be guaranteed. If you lack the ability to hunt Patient Zero, the weaknesses in that system will always be the entry point for future threats. If you cannot detect an asymptomatic hidden threat, it can spread across the network and gradually open other breaches until your organization suffers the same kind of security incident again and again.

According to the IBM 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average total cost of a data breach reached 3.86M USD, and the average time to identify and contain a breach increased globally from 197 to 280 days. If asymptomatic hidden threats are already inside your network, how do you stop them before they cause damage to your business? How do you avoid reinfection by same virus? Join us and find out how to locate asymptomatic infection and Patient Zero.

Speaker: Zoppo Chen

Zoppo is the Senior Product Manager for Sangfor Cyber Command. In the past 3 years he worked in Sangfor security R&D department, during this period, he was responsible for the planning of several Sangfor security products, and defined the competitiveness of various security products in the market. With both marketing and R&D experience, he can pay more attention to customers’ requirements on network security.