US Colonial

Colonial Pipeline is the largest oil product pipeline operator in the United States, and the recent Ransomware attack forced shutdown of all their operations.

This cyber attack is just the latest in a long series of serious ransomware and malware attacks, and we can’t help but envision a world in the not-too-distant future where ransomware attacks impact all our daily lives. Ransomware is booming and now targeting all kind of industries, including critical infrastructure, healthcare and government.

Participate in this webinar to learn more about this recent attack, how it unfolded, its impact and what your organization can do to prevent such cyber-attacks.


Speaker: Guy Rosefelt & Allen Lim
Guy joined Sangfor in 2019 as our Chief Marketing Officer for Security. Previously serving as the Director of Threat Intelligence & Web Security Product Management for NSFOCUS and with over 30 years experience Guy is a leader and groundbreaker at the crux of a dynamic cyber-security industry.                                                    
Allen is a Senior Product Manager with Sangfor NGAF. Over the past 10 years, he has held various positions including Senior Solution Sales & Regional Consulting Systems Engineer, with renowned companies like IBM & Fortinet, constantly developing his technical expertise and achieving double CCIE certificates.