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Today’s cybersecurity landscape is dire: externally, innumerable attackers with sophisticated skills and weaponized AI, and internally our cyber assets growing rapidly while becoming more difficult to protect. Unfortunately, even though most organizations use traditional architectures with best-of-breed products to build their defenses, the results are often insufficient. As good as best-of-breed products are, they do not integrate well. Breaches happen constantly, ransomware still gets through, and worse the security team is often reactive and has difficulty identifying the root cause of an event, let alone develop a strategy to prevent it from happening again. A closed-loop system is need where security products are integrated directly to better identify new AI-based threats and coordinate response against them.
Sangfor NGAF is the foundation for building a proactive closed-loop security solution. Sangfor not only offers world-class battle-tested security protection but provides a straightforward way to identify and manage the sprawl of cyber assets, detect account abuse, and discover malicious processes and connections on critical business assets. Preemptively eliminate threats before they do damage.
Join this session to see how Sangfor NGAF works together with Endpoint Secure, and Platform-X to build a dynamic proactive closed-loop defense against today’s advanced cyberthreats.


Speaker: Steven Tsui

Steven is the Security Product Manager of Sangfor. Steven has over 10-year experience in network and security. With a broad knowledge of technology and a deep understanding of the market, Steven can always understand customers’ needs and develop customer-centric solutions to improve customers’ business security.