In 2021, there were strong trends showing Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) becoming smarter, more insidious, and more dangerous. How much smarter, more insidious, and more dangerous? We will be presenting highlights of these trends that Sangfor’s FarSight Labs discusses in our H1 2021 APT Trends Report. Come hear about which zero-day vulnerabilities were exploited, how they were compromised and by which APT groups. We will talk about some of the biggest APT cyber-attacks last year and make some predictions of what may come this year.

Speaker: Guy Rosefelt

Guy joined Sangfor in 2019 as our Chief Marketing Officer for Security. Previously serving as the Director of Threat Intelligence & Web Security Product Management for NSFOCUS and with over 30 years experience Guy is a leader and groundbreaker at the crux of a dynamic cyber-security industry.