Secure Your Branch Office with Sangfor Secure SD-WAN wp

We know the data center is important to protect. We deploy all kinds of security products to defend the data center against cyber threats. However, the data center is not always the first nor the only place for hackers to attack. Remote office and branch office (ROBO) is a prime target for attackers to invade the internal network quickly and easily. But limited IT budget and resources do not always give ROBO the attention it needs to defend against cyber threats.

Join this webinar to learn step-by-step how hackers invade enterprise networks through vulnerabilities in ROBO and how Sangfor’s Secure SD-WAN solution can efficiently secure your ROBO with lower TCO than other leading solutions.

Speaker: Steven Tsui

Steven has over 10-year experience in network and security. With a broad knowledge of technology and a deep understanding of the market, Steven can always understand customers’ needs and develop customer-centric solutions to improve customers’ business security.